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In our retirement years we have choose to be involved with lifetime passions. Mentoring and marketing poultry incubators became our way of life in 2004 so we opened our online store Svendirect Sales. However we passed the 80 mark this year and are offering our business for sale. Effective May 1/2017

Birds of many colors have always been part of our life.

We have been involved in rescue missions (1951) to save the Trumpeter Swan from extinction in our Rocky Mountain Range. Raising and keeping them for many years.

Introduction efforts with Ring Neck Pheasants.   

Managing and rearing birds is a wonderful pastime, and can be a good business.

We decided to look at better tools for the task, and be available to those who love birds.

Our prices will be kept as low as we can keep them. Many young folk are getting into incubating and rearing birds.

It is costly getting started.

We supply incubators from a small 12 egg unit to large 20,000 egg commercial incubators.

For incubators over  1,056 size please email us.


    Our company Brand name is  SVENZUN

    Our store Web Site is  WWW.SVENDIRECT.COM

     Email  svendirect@gmail.com




Leslie & Loretta Dahl

Sexsmith Alberta Canada.

Email us for information.    svendirect@gmail.com


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