The products we sell  have a one year Svendirect warranty from the day of purchase. Misuse is not covered. Components are covered. Parts are replaced by a return and replace policy. Postage may be paid by us if it is in the warranty period. Parts otherwise is shipped collect.

Warranty is only valid to the original purchaser.  Your order number is required for warranty.

This warranty is registered when you set up your account, purchase and receive the incubator.

Incubators are generally blamed for poor hatches, and this is not always true. There are many variables such as power failure, egg conditions, and often folks who are inexperienced.  Therefore we offer support to the customer to determine the failure.

If a component fails contact us by Email for warranty replacement. Do not try to repair it or have someone do it for you, as this may limit the warranty.

We are not responsible for egg costs if your incubator fails.


Contact us for warranty issues.   svendirect@gmail.com